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Clifton Painting ContractorWhen you want to revitalize your interior space, a fresh coat of paint is all you need. By changing the color of your interior, you can greatly impact your design much more affordably and conveniently than with a remodel. Transform your interior by making it look more inviting and welcoming, or paint it with warm colors so the space feels more relaxing. You can even make your employees more productive with certain interior office colors.

E&C Painting has proudly provided Clifton home and business owners with the highest quality interior painting services for ten years. Our painters are certified and professionally trained specialists that are technically skilled and artistically talented. We offer a wide range of interior painting services that will totally transform your space into whatever you want it to be. That is why we are the top choice in Clifton for interior painting.

We offer texture and faux painting to add depth and personality to your design. You can always remodel; restructuring the area and building out of new materials. But that takes a lot of time and money, not to mention imposing on your living or working situation. The alternative is to create an illusion using colors, shadows and textures, so you can make your walls, and ultimately an entire room look however you like. You can make a space look larger with stripes, or more elegant with faux marble. You can give your walls depth with glazing or sponging or bring your interior to life with a fresco design. At E&C Painting, we perfectly merge practical function with artistic beauty with our textured and faux finishes.


Deck Refinishing Revitalizes Your Clifton Outdoor Space

The deck of you Clifton home is an extremely important aspect of your exterior. Not only does it enhance the aesthetics but it also provides you with a functional space to utilize for outdoor living. A deck extends the usable area of your home outside and lends it indoor amenities. Not only do Clifton homeowners use their decks for relaxation and outdoor comfort, but also as a place to entertain guests and family. If you don’t properly maintain your deck, the harsh sun and tumultuous weather will wear it down, dulling its finish and allowing mildew to overtake its shine. After layers of grey dirt and green mildew build up on it, your deck may even look unusable.

E&C Painting offers deck refinishing that will revitalize your deck and breathe new life into your outdoor living space. We use a combination of power washing, sealing and staining to make your deck look as good as new. Our deck refinishing experts also have the ability to repair portions of your deck that may need it, returning full functionality to the space. When we get done with your deck, your neighbors will think you had a new one installed. Get the most out of your outdoor investment and let us restore your deck with our refinishing services.


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