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    Commercial Painting New JerseyIf you own a business, you are certainly aware that the aesthetics of your building are extremely important. Running a successful business in New Jersey doesn’t require the fanciest and nicest décor around. However, it is important to maintain your building and show people, whether they are your customers or employees, that you take pride in it. One of the most evident aspects of this is the paint. Your paint job, both exterior and interior, reflects the image you have for your business to the rest of the world. Dull, cracked and old paint exudes an old, faded and unkempt atmosphere. However, vibrant, smooth and fresh finishes are inviting and welcoming.

    E&C Painting has proudly offered New Jersey business owners the highest quality commercial painting services for over ten years. In the last decade we’ve developed a reputation for being reliable, fast and accurate. Our professional commercial painters possess the tools and experience necessary to complete your painting task to your exact specifications and do it right the first time. We always extend prompt and courteous service and that is why we are the preferred choice among businesses in New Jersey for commercial painting.


    Commercial Interior Painting

    The interior paint of your building has a couple of different effects. First, it sets the tone for your commitment to your image, which will make an impression on customers and employees. The color of your interior walls also contributes to the overall design, which is the theme for your business. Next, your interior paint will actually affect mood on a deeper psychological level. Bright colors tend to promote alertness and productivity, which is ideal in an office environment.

    When your interior walls need an upgrade, E&C Painting is here to help. Our professional painters specialize in working in office environments. This means, when we are painting your interior, even if it is an occupied space, we’ll keep our work area neat and as isolated as possible. We do this to not interfere with the normal course of business. We also finish our work quickly and thoroughly clean up after ourselves, leaving behind a beautiful finish that will represent your business well.


    Commercial Exterior Painting

    Your business’ exterior paint job is the face of your whole establishment. It is often the first impression people will have, and if it isn’t inviting them in, they may pass you up for the competition. E&C Painting focuses on providing you with a quality exterior paint job that will give you a long lasting finish. We use the best paint products, to minimize the need for maintenance and repainting often. Our painters provide a smooth and seamless exterior paint coating with exact precision so it reflects every detail of your tastes and professionalism.

    If you would like to explore what a fresh coat of paint can do for your business, call E&C Painting today.


    Our New Jersey Commercial Painting Experts Provide the Following Services

    • Office Interior Painting
    • Retail Interior Painting
    • Commercial Exterior Painting


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