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    Drywall & Plaster Repairs New JerseyDrywall and plaster are the materials that make up the interior walls in your home. While the frame and exterior provide structural integrity, your interior walls are essential to creating structure for your layout. The walls determine rooms, privacy and are also a large portion of your interior design. When your interior walls are damaged, it has a negative impact on your décor and aesthetic value. Holes or cracks in your drywall create an unsanitary and unkempt atmosphere. If you suffer from drywall damage, E&C Painting are the experts that can help.

    We proudly offer New Jersey residents quality drywall and plaster repair services. We are painters by trade and have beautified countless homes in the area over the past decade. Our technicians are professionally trained and possess the tools and experience necessary to fix any drywall or plaster problem on your interior walls or ceiling. We work quickly and efficiently, keeping a neat and tidy work area. We’ll get your walls looking smooth and finished in no time and leave no trace of damage. That is why we are the number one choice in New Jersey for drywall and plaster repair.


    Protect Your Home’s Value & Living Experience

    Over time, accidents and uncontrollable natural elements can happen and damage your drywall. Bad storms can cause excess water that finds a way to infiltrate your home, causing damage. Plumbing and roof leaks can also cause water damage. Children and doorknobs can sometimes knock holes in the walls as well. Stress fractures occur simply because of aging and shifting. Your ceiling can also become damaged due to electrical work. These are all examples of common damages that can occur in your interior walls and ceiling.

    When your drywall is in disrepair, E&C Painting gets it fixed fast. Whether it is a small hole or a large section of your wall that is missing, we can repair it. We’ll patch holes and rebuilt walls, then perfectly smooth them out and repaint them, leaving an interior wall or ceiling that looks as good as new. There won’t be any streaks or discoloration; no sign that there was ever damage before. We can even perfectly match your interior paint so everything is totally seamless.

    If you suffer from drywall or plaster damage, call the repair pros at E&C Painting. We’ll send somebody promptly to get your walls and ceiling back in working order fast.


    Our New Jersey Drywall & Plaster Repair Experts Provide the Following Services

    • Drywall Repair
    • Water Damage Wall Repair
    • Ceiling Repair
    • Plaster Repair
    • Plug Holes


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