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Hawthorne Painting ContractorThe exterior of your building is constantly exposed to the elements, enduring the harsh sun, rain, hail and snow. Over time, those elements will start to chip away at your exterior finish, causing it to dull and grey, crack and chip and otherwise lose its luster. Maintaining the appearance of your building is important, as it will protect your property value as well as show the world your commitment to a presentable image. For the most affordable and highest quality exterior upgrades, call the painting professionals at E&C Painting.

We are certified Hawthorne painters that have proudly served the area with durable and long lasting paint products applied with precision and care for a beautiful finish that lasts for years. We’ve been in the business over ten years and have transformed the exterior of countless homes and businesses. We only work with the best manufacturers, so our paint products are superior and our certified painters are highly skilled. That is why we are the preferred choice in Hawthorne for exterior painting services.

The key to our success is proper preparation. Unlike other painting contractors who may rush into a job to get it done and get paid quicker, we spend extra time ensuring your paint job is completed right the first time. We properly wash and prepare your exterior so no dust or dirt interferes with the paint bonding to the surface. We also work closely with you drafting a design so that we match your exact color and texture desires. When we are done we’ll return vibrant life to your building’s exterior. Feel more comfortable and proud of your home or attract more customers to your business with a fresh coat and superior quality exterior paint job.


Gutter Cleaning & Power Washing for Hawthorne

Aside from paint, there are other elements of your building’s exterior that also require attention. Cleaning and maintaining certain exterior elements of your home or office will help keep it pristine and presentable, protecting your property value. At E&C Painting, we are the exterior improvement specialists, so we offer a wide selection of services. We offer gutter cleaning to help protect your roof and foundation from water damage. Aside from keeping water away from your home, our gutter cleaning services also keep your gutters presentable and spotless so that they contribute to your overall design.

We also offer power washing services to get those hard exterior surfaces clean. When your concrete driveway or walkway soaks up oil, grease, rust, paint or a number of other common stains, we can help. By utilizing the power of pressurized water, we can soak deep into these hard surfaces and break down the stains, ridding your property of dirt and mildew and restoring the beautiful, pristine clean underneath. We’ll make your concrete surfaces bright and shiny, your brick spotless and your siding squeaky clean. Your building will look as good as new.


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