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North Haledon Painting ContractorYour home’s appearance is important for several reasons. The appearance does affect the property value, but it also affects your pride in your property as well as your commitment to the neighborhood you live in. Maintaining a neat and presentable property is essential for positive interactions both at home and with guests. So when the sun and elements begin to make your home look dull and grey, it is time for a professional painting company to revitalize your North Haledon property.

E&C Painting has proudly offered North Haledon homeowners the highest quality paint products and services for over ten years. Our certified painting crew is professionally trained and possesses the skills and tools necessary to provide a smooth and flawless finish to your home’s exterior or interior. We pay close attention to detail so your paint job perfectly reflects your tastes and we work quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy a stunning finish as soon as possible. That is why we are the preferred choice in North Haledon for residential painting.

At E&C Painting we strive to offer the widest selection of residential painting services to North Haledon residents. We offer interior painting services, to include textured and faux painting. We can add a bit of artistic décor and class to your interior space, using the power of light, shadows and color to create stunning illusions in your design. We also offer wood staining services that will bring out the gorgeous character of your authentic wood grain. If you want an affordable and simple way to improve your North Haledon home, painting is the way to go.


North Haledon’s Top Resource for Commercial Painting

Your business’ appearance is crucial to your success. That is because first impressions can mean the difference between a customer for life and a bad review. Maintaining the appearance of your building shows your customers and employees that you value their opinion and you want to put forth a professional image. At E&C Painting we offer interior and exterior painting services specifically for commercial properties.

At New Jersey we have a painting team that specializes in commercial spaces because they have a unique set of standards and needs that must be followed. We know how to work in occupied spaces, keeping a tidy and neatly contained work area so as to not impose on the work environment. We use special paints that do not emit massive fumes and work quickly and quietly. We also understand the importance of completing an exterior paint job in a timely manner so all of our commercial painting services are completed fast. When you work with E&C Painting, you’ll get a gorgeous finish for your business that will attract more customers and keep your employees comfortable and happy.


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