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If the exterior of your home is dirty in Morris County, call E & C Painting where you’ll find qualified power washing and Mountain Lakes painting contractors who won’t waste your time or your money.
Power washing can turn a dirty home into a cleaner one which has the appeal and value that you deserve as a homeowner. You can have this and other exterior services done when you call us.
You can save lots of money with a professional powder washing. It’s a service that a lot of people tend to forget about but has such a large impact on the home. Remember, lasting impressions are everything.
With professional pressure washing, all that built on dirt will go away. Using specialized equipment, strong forces of water are used to take all types of buildup off of homes, fencing, sidewalks, driveways, and roofs in the area.
You can’t beat all that we’re selling. Call and take part of our professional services and quickly see the value of your home go up.

Mountain Lakes Interior Painting

Picking out the right Mountain Lakes interior paint may be the only hurdle that you have to jump when choosing E & C Painting as your painting specialists. Picking out the right interior paint, you should consider the following:

  • Decor
  • Flooring type
  • Furniture
  • Wall hangings

There’s a lot that goes into the decision making for interior painting. We’ll help you get the right colors and the right paint brands. When you leave the painting to us, you’ll feel peace of mind coming back.

Mountain Lakes Exterior Painting

If you are reselling your home, you should think about Mountain Lakes exterior painting. This will help sell it faster as there will be more interest. You’ll make a lasting impression on those wanting to buy your home.
You’ll get more than what you paid for when you have the exterior painters from E & C Painting controlling your project. There is a lot to think about which can now be left to us. We do everything from the prepping to the finish work.
Exterior projects are best left to experts who know the right techniques. We keep the area safe and free of any dangers. Empty paint cans and materials, which are often left behind, can cause injury to a family member.

Try the professional Mountain Lakes painting contractors from E & C Painting and the rest will be history. Now you’ll get positive comments from those walking or driving by your home. Our painters are all about change.


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