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    New Jersey Bathroom RemodelingThe bathroom is the most popular room in a New Jersey home to remodel and for a couple of sound reasons. First, bathrooms are typically smaller spaces, making them more affordable to remodel, so your renovation dollars go farther. Then, there is the fact that your bathroom is a private space that allows you to be alone in a busy home. If you are considering any home improvements, it is understandable why you’d start there.

    E&C Painting has proudly provided New Jersey homeowners with quality, comprehensive bathroom remodeling services for over ten years. We have a team of specialists that are experts in a number of disciplines that can get the job done. Our skilled tradesmen are professionally trained in carpentry, plumbing, painting and a number of other construction industry disciplines. Whatever improvements you wish to make in your bathroom, we can accommodate. We extend prompt and courteous service every time and that is why we are the top choice in New Jersey for bathroom remodeling expert.


    Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling

    If you are considering home improvements, upgrading your bathroom is a great place to start. There is a lot you can do with your bathroom and even minor enhancements can make a huge impact. For example, simply painting your bathroom a more vibrant color can make it seem warmer and more welcoming. Continue that trend by also installing a skylight window to allow the sun’s natural light in. Create a relaxing space by upgrading your bathtub to something bigger, made of a premium material that keeps your water warm.

    You can also improve space and functionality by adding shelving, closet space or cabinetry. These features will reduce clutter and give you more room to move and be comfortable. By installing an additional sink you can give yourself the needed mirror space for getting ready in the morning. New flooring can also revitalize the look and feel of the entire bathroom space. A sleek and modern hands-free faucet or new cabinet handles can give your bathroom a touch of class. All of these enhancements will make your bathroom a more comfortable, relaxing and pleasant place to be. Also, bathroom upgrades increase property value significantly, since the bathrooms are an important part of a house for a home buyer.

    If you would like to explore what bathroom remodeling can do for your New Jersey home, call E&C Painting and we’ll send you a designer for a consultation. We’ll work with you to craft a design that incorporates every detail of your needs while also fitting your budget.


    Our New Jersey Bathroom Remodeling Experts Provide the Following Services

    • Bathroom Fixture Installation
    • Bathroom Flooring
    • Bathroom Shelving
    • Bathroom Cabinetry


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