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Short Hills Exterior PaintingWhen someone comes to visit your home or business, you want them to feel comfortable and welcome. Painting in Short Hills can liven up the atmosphere and make it more pleasing to the eye. If your paint is wearing down and looking dull, it’s time to give it new life.

Since we live and work in the same area you do, our painters understand how important it is for you to find service professionals you can trust. At E & C Painting, we have high standards that match your own. Our number one priority is to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Exterior Painting for Your Short Hills Home or Business

You want your friends and family or customers to feel comfortable when they drive up. The first things they notice will be on the exterior of your home. You want the place to look inviting and comforting, even familiar in a way.

Most property owners accomplish this with landscaping and good looking paint work. When the paint is peeling or faded and the wood starts rotting, your home or building can look very neglected. Unfortunately, that neglect reflects upon you and your ideals.

Short Hills Interior Painting Services

There’s nothing more fun than getting a whole new look with a new coat of paint. The colors we apply set the mood for the space and can brighten or create cozy atmospheres. Let us help you with renewing your space with a little touch of color.

Texture & Faux Painting Services in Short Hills

Whether you own residential or commercial property, there are areas where wall texture or faux painting is a great application choice. In homes, the accent walls can really lift the design. For businesses, it is great for creating interest in highly used areas that sustain a lot of use.

Let us help you come up with a faux painting design that adds interest to your walls. There are a lot of techniques that can be used, and our pros have the know-how and skill to use them. By the way, we can also remove old wallpaper and popcorn ceiling texture to increase the aesthetic design.

If you are looking for professional painting services, call E & C Painting at 973-366-8659 or fill out our online request form.

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